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First LEGOLeague

This year 10 of our children will be taking part in a tournament at Queen Mary University as part of the  International LEGO League competition. The will be competing against  other schools and clubs.  

Virtual Learning Environment

Year 2 VLE

This week,  after a lesson on the importance of staying SAFE online, Year 2 were excited to get their first peek of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Each of the children were given their personal logins (which they have been told to keep private).

Over the next few weeks they will adding content to their own pages and sharing their work with each other.

Augmented Reality


This week the Rececption and Year 5 classes had an axciting time discoverying the wonders of augmented reality.

The reception classes used an app called 'Quiver' to create their own 3D christmas baubles. They used a template to design their bauble and then brought it to life using the app.


Year 5 have been studying space as part of their IPC topic this 1/2 term. To make this more exciting they used an app called 'Spacecraft 3D' as a research tool to find out about how robots have been used in space. 

Both of these apps are free to down load from the ITunes and the Google PlayStore.

Spacecraft 3D (iTunes) Spacecraft 3D (Google Play Store)
Quiver (iTunes) Quiver (Google Play Store)
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